A mountain of fun

In the heart of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park

The mountain is a magical place that enchants both young and old, a location where one can learn, be thrilled, and above all, discover new things while having fun! On the Pradel Plateau in Molveno, Trentino, you will find a wide range of activities to enjoy with friends and family… boredom will be impossible!

Dolomiti Paganella Bike Park

Molveno can be considered a paradise for mountain biking, with a network of 400 km of trails that range from stunning singletracks to fantastic enduro routes, winding their way between Lake Molveno and the Brenta Dolomites. Our hotel, located in close proximity to the bike trails on the Pradel Plateau, represents a privileged starting and ending point for all bikers who want to fully enjoy their cycling days!

Molveno Zone:

21 – BIG HERO: it is the easiest downhill route in the whole Paganella area, suitable for all beginners, and also for the little ones (from 8 years) accompanied by the DPB Academy guides
22 – Blade Runner: it is a route of higher difficulty than the Big Hero that runs entirely in the woods, full of jumps and dunes. Fun is guaranteed!
23 – Goonies: from Spiaz de Piof to Molveno
812 / UDE’s Trail: part of the “Bear Trails” route, allows you to connect in the direction of Andalo
813 / HUB812 – single trail connection between the Blade Runner and 812 / UDE’s

“Il Mondo di Sciury” Educational trail

Would you like to meet the most curious of the squirrels in our woods? Follow the stages of the SCIURY trail or take part in a guided tour. Our friend Sciury’s politeness is contagious! The squirrel invites you to go on a beautiful walk to discover the woods, where you will find out so many things about him! You will learn to recognise him, to know where he lives, what he eats and what his predators are!

It is a wonderful educational path linked to the life of the squirrel that runs entirely in the woods and is suitable for everyone, from the oldest to the youngest. Remember to buy the book at the start of the cable car and have fun playing whit it along the way!

Route lenght: 2,5 km
Total uphill altitude difference: 100 m
Time required: 2 hours
Walk suitable for trekking pushchair

Forest Park

Forest Park in Molveno is a park built on trees; a series of aerial paths at different heights from the ground and with various difficulties through the forest, passing from one fir to another.
The Forest Park is a good reason to immerse yourself in the nature of the forest testing your balancing skills and having fun with family and friends. The squirrel is the real inspiration for Forest Park, with his agility, his balance, the acrobatic jumps between the branches of trees, capturing the attention of adults and children.